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The “Me Manual”

You have manuals at work for procedures and at home for your appliances, to fix things and see how they best work, but do you have a manual for the most important thing in your life? You! For your health and wellbeing?

We all go through highs and lows in our lives and fall into bad habits. Having your “Me Manual” in place will help remind you what little things you can put in place instantly to get you back to your best.

It might sound silly but whether you keep it on a scrap of paper in your bedside drawer, in the back of your diary or a note on your phone, just knowing it’s there will help.

We asked some of our clients and the Beauty Aspects therapists and here’s what they said they would put in their “Me Manuals”…

“Going for a walk around the block in the evening instead of just watching TV all night.”

“Eating well – lots of fruit and vegetables. I know if I eat well for 3 days I feel better, after 2 weeks I feel fantastic.”

“I love taking a morning/afternoon to myself and treating myself to a facial and massage.”

“Reading a good book.”

“Having a night with a bottle of wine and my best friend and a lot of chatting!”

“A long bath, preferably with music, candles, bubbles and a glass of wine!”

“Having my nails done and my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted, curled and shaped gives me an instant confidence boost.”

“A day trip to Brighton, spending time on the seafront with my dog and my camera.”

What will be in your “Me Manual”? Tell us on or tweet us @beauty_aspects.