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It is essential to arrange a consultation to establish your treatment regime. For more information, please call the clinic on 020 8667 0117 or send us an e-mail Click Here. A doctor’s letter may also be required.

Mens Hair Removal

Electrolysis- Permanent Hair Removal

Diathermie is used to remove unwanted hair. Multiple treatments are required and consultations and a patch test are essential to determine the treatment regime. This treatment is also ideal for removing the few remaining hairs left after laser treatments.

15 mins £16.50 or 30 mins £29.70

Laser- Long lasting hair removal

Nd Yag and Variable Intense Pulse Light is the long-lasting solution for unwanted hair problems. This treatment uses short, safe, controlled bursts of filtered light to remove and reduce hair growth. A consultation is required to determine the treatment regime.


Face & Beard (45 minutes) £135.00

Beard (Inc. Neck- 45 minutes) £135.00

Neck (30 minutes) £80.00

Cheeks (30 minutes) £65.00

Brow (Centre 15 minutes) £40.00

Brow (Centre/Top Line- 15 minutes) £60.00

Nose (15 minutes) £50.00

Ears (15 minutes) £50.00

Feet & Toes (30 minutes) £60.00


Full Back (60 minutes) £150.00

Full Back & Shoulders (75 minutes) £175.00

Back (Upper or Lower- 30 minutes) £125.00

Chest to Abdomen (45 minutes) £125.00

Shoulders (30 minutes) £60-£80

15% discount for 3 treatments, 17% discount for 6 treatments. Contact clinic for special offers.

Waxing- Temporary hair removal

Waxing will temporarily remove unwanted hair from the face and body leaving beautifully smooth skin. We do our best to minimise any discomfort during the procedure. This treatment is generally repeated at intervals of 6-8 weeks.

Brows £9.00

Full back £20 - £27.50

Chest £18 - £24

Shoulders £10

Intimate waxing Price on request