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It is essential to arrange a consultation to establish your treatment regime. For more information, please call the clinic on 020 8667 0117 or send us an e-mail Click Here. A doctor’s letter may also be required.

Body Care

Body Care


Relaxing Swedish Massage

Massage works on a physical and psychological level, helping to restore balance and a calm state of mind. It is the perfect antidote to the damaging effects of chronic stress, tension, and the pressures of modern life. Our experienced therapists make sure your surroundings are conducive to total relaxation so you can switch off completely for the length of your treatment and leave fully refreshed.

30 mins £23 or 1 hour £40

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique focuses specifically on muscle and connective tissue, releasing tension and relaxing contracted areas.

30 mins £23 or 1 hour £40

Hot Stone Massage

Thermotherapy uses polished precision heated volcanic Basalt Stones, which produces maximum relaxation.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage include:
- promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation
- alleviates stress
- releases toxins
- relieves pain
- improves circulation
- calms the psyche

30 mins £30 or 1 hour £55

Indian Head Massage

An intense massage of the head, neck and shoulder area. This traditional treatment uses acupressure and traditional therapeutic massage to relax and improve circulation.

30 mins £25

Intense Back Massage

This superbly relaxing treatment helps relieve tension in the muscles of the back using infra red heat, audio sound, G5 and massage. Try it once and you’ll find yourself coming back for more. Also a very thoughtful gift for anyone struggling with a hectic lifestyle.

30 mins £24 or 1 Hour £46

G5- Deep tissue massage

G5 is a deep tissue massage which helps to break down fatty tissue and increase circulation. This treatment helps clients who are trying to reduce body weight or who have poor circulation.

Cost- £22 for 30 mins

- Course of 10 £220

Corrective Back Treatment- Treatment for Blemished Skin

For blemished skin conditions, this treatment helps to minimize imperfections and normalize the skin’s appearance and provides fantastic results for clients with spots and blemishes. Home care products further improve the results.

1 hour £46

Ear piercing

Including 9ct gold studs £25

Including gold plated studs £20

Including fancy gold plated studs £20

Figure Control

Figure Control

Arasys- Inch loss system

Perfected for Professionals, the Arasys Inch Loss System is a unique inch loss treatment that works in only 17 minutes. One session of Arasys is equivalent to 300 sit-ups or 400 buttock raises. For men and women who enjoy vigorous exercise but don’t always have the time, for the slimmer keen to see fast encouraging results or for anyone who loathes the hard work of exercise... Arasys is the answer. Developed by a biochemist and an electronics inventor after extensive research, Arasys is a leader in the field.

30 mins £22

- Course of 10 £192.50